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Just putting the final touches on a project called "Endless Possibilities:  Jack Waters and Peter Cramer," a film by MM Serra.  We've been working in this for the last few years.  I've done a fair amount of the shooting including 3 days at LaMama documenting rehearsals for their production "Pestilence" and editing in person and via zoom with MM.  It's been an adventure.

Spent some time over the last few months helping Gary Negbaur stream some performances from his studio on West 38th Street.  At this point, he's doing his weekly event on Tuesday evenings by himself, but I'm wrangling the Sunday afternoon events on the first Sunday of each month.  We've managed to setup 2 webcams each connected to macbooks which I'm able to switch and stream remotely from my studio.

Here's a short excerpt from December's first Sunday

google link to excerpt

and here's a link to Gary's facebook page where you can see archived versions of previous events and

catch future live events

Gary's live event facebook page

Each month we seem to up the ante and make the program more interesting.

and continuing to help Mark Gindick with his YouTube Channel.  Here's the latest one I edited

How to turn your car on with an extension cord.  

and still helping with Petina Cole's YouTube channelOne video in particular keeps racking up the views.  4.5 million and counting.

Just been hired to help Dixon Place (http://dixonplace.org/) setup their performance space for streaming.  

and just trying to troubleshoot some issues with transferring my domain from yahoo to godaddy.

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