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What's New

As of May, 2024


Editing a 2 camera conversation between author Philip Romero and photographer Christopher Makos about Philip's new book "Warhol's Brain."

Working on a restoration of Coleen Fitzgibbons "RichPoor" a wonderful person on the street film shot in the 70's on super 8 for a screening in July in New Zealand.   Oscar Zambrano worked his magic on the soundtrack.

Working on the restoration of "Sand in Our Shoes" a 16mm Documentary from 1972 directed by Martin Spinelli about the Pine Barrens in New Jersey featuring an interview with John McPhee.  Used the Topaz Video AI plug-in to uprez from a standard def low quality quicktime file with good if not spectacular results

and created and edited captions with a human transcription from at a very reasonable price.

Working on a number of projects for Lynn Gilbert, the photographer of the iconic portait of Louise Nevelson. 

Working with, a service that allows you to record individuals remotely at high quality.

Not simple, and takes some working making sure the subjects are setup correctly, but getting there.  Will hopefully post some samples over the next few weeks.

Working with MM Serra on  2 pieces on a couple of interesting artists;  Carolee Schneeman and JJ Lebel.  M M always has a distinctive take on her subjects...

Still working with Peter Christ and Shout Out Communications creating award winning videos, animations, and interactive programs for healthcare and the arts.
Past clients include Amgen, Pfizer, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Other recent work over the past few years:

Still editing and occasionally shooting music videos for Dick Connette's Storysound Records

including a couple of Loudon Wainwright III songs

and two for Daisy Press featuring material from her recent cd "You are the Flower."  

Dick's got an amazing roster of talent and it's always a pleasure to work with them and with Dick.

Was part of the production team shooting a music video for Dick Connette at the fabled

Power Station recording studio in August of 2021

The song features an amazing set of voices:  Rachelle Garniez, Chaim Tannenbaum, Suzy Roche, Loudon Wainwright, and many many others.

The main 2 cameras were helmed by Albie Mitchell and Jaime Mitchell while I manned the locked down camera, adjusting position in between takes.   And I edited the piece with the help of Rachelle and Dick...

Been a while since I've edited a scripted piece with actors, so it's been an adventure editing and polishing Alan Brasington's THE POEM OF MY LIFE,  a one man show written and performed by Alan.  Limited coverage pushed my video and audio editing skills to a new level utilizing some amazing features in Adobe Premiere.

Directed by Martin Spinelli and Alan. 

I did an initial edit in NY and then travelled down to Sarasota, FL to finish the edit.

Recently finished working with Steve Brand on the DVD and Streaming of the restoration of his 1984 documentary KADDISH

Steve's been working with IndieCollect for a few years on the restoration.  There were about 10 problems that IndieCollect had been unable to fix.  I was able to sit in on a few DaVinci Resolve sessions and fix these problems...   One solution in particular was pure magic.  Was able to fix a jumpcut embedded in the film source...

The restoration premiered at Lincoln Center in January, 2022 as part of the New York Jewish Film Festival...

And the DVD and streaming are being handled by Kino Lorber and the DVD is available on Amazon

Shot a music video with Patrick Miller on the other camera at "The Cutting Room" for Luis Accorsi.    Was a fun couple of hours but I do sometimes feel like I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

Also edited a video that documented a recent gallery show Whitfield Lovell

shot by Coleen Fitzgibbon featuring more Iphone  footage shot with the DJI gimbal.   Scary how good that stuff looks...

and still helping with Petina Cole's YouTube channelOne video in particular keeps racking up the views.  4.6 million and counting.

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