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Postproduction/Production Consulting


  • Putting together a Video Editing System

  • Getting your system up and running

  • Organizing your workflow

  • Troubleshooting Editing Systems and Workflow

  • Preparing and optimizing material for use on the web, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

I have extensive experience developing custom workflows for specific needs including mixed format and 3D stereoscopic projects as well as organizing large, complex documentary projects.  I have experience being hired in the midst of production and postproduction to straighten out existing problems. I have converted projects and other editors FCP7 projects to Avid Media Composer and Premiere CC.  

I have been an Adobe Community Professional for the last few years, helping people solve their problems with Premiere.  As of October 2023, I have 6200 posts, 1532 upvotes, and 180 solutions. 

I monitor the board on a daily basis which gives me a sense of what sort of problems people are having with Premiere and how to solve their issues.  If you'd like to get a sense of my participation:

If you're working in Premiere, I can be an enormous help in solving problems and designing an efficient workflow from media ingest to output.


I'm working with a number of clients via zoom and teamviewer helping them with the both the creative and technical sides of postproduction. 

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