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Video on Demand

Recently I've been working with Martin Spinelli of Interaction Media to implement 2 video on demand pages on Vimeo for a project that goes back to 2001. Martin produced and directed the Emmy award-winning documentary Life on Jupiter about Jens Nygaard the legendary founder and conducter of the Jupiter Symphony. Over the last few years we've been shooting performances of the Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players and interviewing musicians and audience members to explore Jens' legacy.  


I've researched the options for online distribution and we settled on working with Vimeo to implement our strategy. With a vimeo pro account for about $20 a month, you get 20 gigs of upload per week and can create video on demand pages and set your own pricing for streaming and download. Although the tools and options for the on demand pages are somewhat limited, it seems like the most cost-effective solution. Vimeo only takes 10% of any revenue.  And unlike Amazon which seems to have an ever changing terms of service, etc, (see below when I talk about Bob Richter's experiences) you can have multiple VOD pages for the same film for different markets with different prices (for example, for the home or retail market and for an educational market).

Here's the link to the retail vimeo on demand page



I've been helping Bob Richter navigate the complications of working with Amazon with his extensive library of documentaries. They seem to have a moving target of specifications and limitations which they apply in a seeming random manner. Trying to get definitive answers is an exercise in frustration.

For example, Bob had alternative pricing for retail streaming and institutional use (education). After several years with this model, Amazon started sending Bob notifications that you could only have one “version” of a program. We've also gotten “error” messages because some documentaries have examples of commercials which were an integral part of the story and were in no way promotional.  We've been able to resolve most of these problems, but it is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring.

I've implemented The Talking Picture Company's library of feature films on Amazon Video on Demand dealing with issues of formats, closed captions, etc.  

Here's a link to their most recent feature


And as of January 2020, I'm working with a client on implementing and monetizing their youtube channel.  When a video of hers which I edited hit almost 4 million views, I started discussing the money making possibilities with her.  

Will update this page as we get further along in the process.



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